Thursday with Sokei sensei 2

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During my tea ceremony lesson time, I had been helping our family run Kimono shop where is only 5 min away from home on foot and in morning normally there was no chance for work. My loved late uncle came early and enjoy cleaning and smoking at shop which is his over 50 years habit.

Around noon, I came the shop and went to lunch with my uncle. He was my best friend (and maybe still in my heart). Since I had been with him so often after my father past away, I called my old boyfriend (10years long relationship) to "Ojisan" uncle by mistake, he screamed " weird!".

Back to my tea ceremony story, so I did not need to awake up early for work but for the tea ceremony lesson since my teacher said I should come an upper class on every Thursday at 9am so I must wake up early and it was so hard for me. I am so low pressure parson…

Wake up around 6:30am, make a bento for long lesson then bring a some food to my mouth which I cannot eat breakfast with happily early time.. Then change to Kimono.(if I took long time for breakfast so I had so limited time for it! But it made me fast Kimono dressing lesson).  Start my Jimmy small car engine.  Sokei sensei is at different town where is around 30min by car so had to leave around 8am for not become late as new comer. In Japan punctual is fast priority!



Parked my car and open Sokei sensei home door which was always opened beside of night and it shows how Japan is safe and traditional idea is opened for all. “good morning” even no-one answer, I said and walk to one small room which is behind  tea ceremony room where is called Mizuya (kind of back yard for the tea ceremony).  Not get Kimono dirty, I put my Kappogi (kimono apron) and start to prepare tea ceremony lessons. However as I am so beginner so I had to wait orders from Senpai (older students). 

I could not forgot how nervous on the first day of Thursday lesson. I could not sleep well since I was so afraid of over slept and I had to think my tea ceremony lesson hand movements over my dream..



By 9am, all student came. I think it was around 8 student inc me. We bow each other and open a slide door then Sokei sensei in Kimono was sitting (seiza) on her tea ceremony room, we greet her with deepest bow (but must be straight back to show elegance) here is the something lesson day!

Sokei sensei was so keen on bow! It is not so good way to say others " I study tea ceremony" ​by ourselves since sounds "you pround of yourself" but your bow can show without word " you study tea ceremony". My other friends who go to good tea ceremony teacher said same thing.


浴衣 異性への雄弁さはロゴス以上

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梅雨時にもなると そろそろ浴衣の用意です

私が呉服屋の家業に入り 15年 

最も 勉強をしたと言えるのが 浴衣

一つに 着物に比べればずっとお安く 

そしてまだ 着物と違い 発展というか 変化を続けているから

着物は伝統文化  伝統だけあって 変化しない物が多く そうなると 年季のいった着物屋さんには 若輩者は敵いません

しかし少しづつ変化する浴衣は 未熟でもアンテナをはり 新しい物を見つられる

例えば 琉球の紅型を模写した物

白生地ではなく 紬の様に 織りで作った物

白紺の世界から徐々に 夏のオシャレ着として 変貌しつつある浴衣は 若輩の私でも 存在意義を与えてくれました そして 熱意が伝わるのか 国内外 多くのオーダーを頂き さらに深い学びを与えていただきました

しかし 一方で浴衣の「新しい」というのは 近代化 機械化された今 効率的な大量生産を指すものではないことも教えてくれました

江戸時代に着物を基に作り出された 綿や麻の着物「浴衣」 その江戸からの美学 もしくは哲学を内包した 浴衣だけが 浴衣と呼ぶことができると 私は感じ始めています

職人ではなく 機械だけで 作った


片面だけの プリント浴衣




大量生産で 同じ模様がいっぱい


まだまだ お仕立てとなると 先進国日本ですから 値が張りますが

是非一度 江戸の美学を継承する反物で ご自身のサイズで お仕立てされて欲しいです

プリントではなく 染め つまり 生地の表裏に模様がある 色の濃い 浴衣を



ものすごく 目立つ 

色は光の反射ですから プリントの浅い色ではありえない 染めの浴衣だけが強く光のです

今 私には ドイツ人で研究者の 素晴らしい夫がいます

彼と結婚したのに 全ての運を使い果たしたような気さえするのですが

13年前 出会った彼が 私にいった言葉

「あなたは 日本で初めて会った 女性」

サラリーマンの女性はいるのに 日本の伝統や文化を熟知し 生活に取り入れている 女性に出会ったことがないと


夫にとっては 私がお金をたくさん稼ぐより

日本の文化を知り 纏っていることが 良いようです

そのおかげで 今 呉服屋さんという 斜陽産業を営むことができ

「文化という商材を扱うなら あまりビジネス(マネーオリエンテッド)にならない方がいい」

という 考えを 心底理解して 応援してくれています


私がまだ独身だったころ 日本の方とお付き合いして浴衣を着て 花火にいくと


日本文化より 横文字の方が 上と思われる方も多かったので

しかし 国際交流が盛んになった今

言葉で 日本と言う前に

着物や浴衣は 日本人であることを表してくれます

ちゃんとした 着物や浴衣は 海外の方にもわかるようで

何度も 着物や浴衣に私もノルウェー留学などで助けられました

Thursday with Sokei sensei

  • 2019.02.12 Tuesday
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Dear my loved reader

It took me long time to start to write about tea ceremony teacher even I promise it on my essay about "the tea ceremony"

First of all apologize it and also please be kind to have a look at the essay to understand this blog well. 

Thank you

Feb 2019 Kahori Ochi 


After new year tea ceremony "hatsugama" 2009 with Ms Sokei and her disciple (Uchi deshi, she has more disciple but only us were allowed to come her home to study)



About her family

Ms Sokei Maeda was born in Shibuya  Dogenzaka where is close to Shibuya station as medical doctor's only children in Taisho era (before WW2). 

At this time, still class society and not equal idea. If you were born at doctor house, can imagine how her family was rich. She said never even sharp own pencil since she was surrounded by many maids and they did everything for her.

If she wished, she could go to higher education but she didn’t, neither her parents did not want to her to become a doctor but a Shuji penmanship teacher since they found her talent of it. So her last education is high school but you may know my mother is much younger than her but my mother even could not go a middle school but all her brother went to even high school. Japanese society believed the education is only for men at that time. So we can say Ms Sokei get very high education as women at the time.

Therefor her parents adopted one boy to take over the clinic. Also she said at the time,  if you are rich like doctor,  take care of boy students “shosei”. Let cleaver but poor boy students live their home and give education as well as food necessary items in return they work for the rich people’s staffs (not like maid but more trainee) . We call “Shosei” nowadays disappear but if you read old novels you will find this term. Wiki only Japanese

It is rich people’s duty or joy to support future important parson, seems Japanese old people felt so.  Her house was full with Shosei and seems some of them were interested in Sokei-sensei since I saw one drawing at her house. She said one Shosei made it. The title was ”ojyosan” hard to explain it but Ojyosan sounds like “upper class single lady” from lower class parson. You can still feel classy society.




About my title

Have you ever read it?“Tuesdays with Morriwhich gave me strong memory.  American real story… One professor who suffered ALS met one old student on Tuesdays till his die and communicate what is life. I learned many thing from Ms Sokei through her tea ceremony education so gave the title.

I have started as Sunday student at Ms Sokei tea ceremony lesson at her house. She thought tea ceremony at many places,  city centers, pubic school etc… Going to teacher’s house class is more special we are called “Uchi-deshi” means is more inside student. She has two class at her home tea ceremony room on Sunday and on Thursday. On Sunday, it is for more young ladies and indeed all singles who has a job. Class started at 1pm and kind of more for chatting as you can imagine. I have a good friend there and love to talk with her and others. However one day Ms Sokei asked me to come on Thursday. At that time, I have been working for my mother’s Kimono shop and I could get day off on Thursday too. However, I know Thursday’s class is stricter and almost all student even have certification of very upper class. If you study tea ceremony for long (around over 10 years), you would get the tea ceremony name from tea ceremony official school and all of them hold it. I was so worried. Why I needed to go there? I was the newest student and could not do anything. I might be disturbed Thursday students. All were housewife and retirement men. Have plenty time but I was not…  However I have started feel that chatting at tea ceremony class was not good. And furthermore, I have started to feel Ms Sokei’s Love. Not only strict but feel something “she wants me to learn real tea ceremony”. So I had accepted to change the class day. Even it started from 9am and end at 3pm (sometime more) on Thursday as well as must make a Bento box  on every Thursday.


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平成三十一年 元旦


代表取締役 越智 クリンキグト 香保利


Sale site pre-open!

  • 2017.07.03 Monday
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Our active intern Sparrow made a sale site!


And her blogs is here



Hope you would get know more about Kimono cultuer!

New team member

  • 2017.07.01 Saturday
  • 17:49

Sakaeya Kimono Shop welcomed an intearn from US!



Name Sparrow


Please have a look her blog 


She will stay only this year since it is bird year in Japan and next is dog!

She will fily out 2018 so hope you will come soon and talk with her :)


Please come Tokyo shop not Omiya shop

  • 2016.03.04 Friday
  • 11:11
Dear someone who read this blogs .

Thank you very much for reading our blog and intaresting in coming our shop.

Our main shop in Omiya can not accept non-Japanese anymore.

I Kahori is in Harajyuku Tokyou shop where is center of Tokyo and easily to come.

Please come to Harajyuku Kimono Sakaeya insted of Omiya. (open by pre-booking)

Here our site

Hatsumoude/ the first Shinto shrine visit in Kimono 着物で初詣

  • 2015.01.26 Monday
  • 21:01

Hatsumoude/ the first Shinto shrine visit in Kimono 着物で初詣

  • This photo is from the 2015 Hatumode Meetup

    Kimono Cultural Exchange 8000yen inc Kimono rent/dress/photo&­­party

     Go to near shrine then a tea party will be started with one cafe as complementary for us. Kimono cultural exchange Hatsumoude (Visiting Shrine)& Party

    Let’s celebrate New year 2015 in Kimono with friends from all over the world and do cultural exchange! My small Kimono rental shop in Harajyuku offers best price for you. If you love Kimono, don’t miss it. All women and man are welcomed!

    This photo is from the 2015 Hatumode Meetup 

    Sunday 1st of Feb 2015

     13pm meet up at Sakaeya kimono salon (5min walk from harajuyu station) 

    13-14pm Selecting and Dressing up kimono 

    14-15pm Visiting Togo-shrine and a Japanese garden (3min on foot) and photo shooting 

    15pm- a tea party near the shrine and our shop

    Fee 8,000yen : Kimono rental, dressing support, photo shoot& copy dvd, one drink 

    “Special discounted fee” :7000yen when you pay by 30th of Jan) 

    Total guests: 10 guests 

    Special Furisode plan Plus 10,000yen (only for 3) furisode is most fomal kimono for single women with long sleeves 

    Booking here 

    Furisode image photo

    Please only reserve if you are really going. Cancellation accepted until midnight on 30th.

    Even it is rain on the day, the event will take place. 

    These two photos are from Togo shrine where we are going on the event.

    Looking forward to meeting you in kimono :) 

    Stay warm !   


Hakama rental for graduation sample

  • 2014.08.26 Tuesday
  • 14:16

Yukata Party for Creative People w/ Calligrapher Miyuki!

  • 2014.07.23 Wednesday
  • 19:57

ROME International Cafe

【Rome International Cafeとは?】

Rome International Cafeでは日本人、外国人関係なく教育の国際支援を目的としていますので、コミュニケーション、語学、異文化に興味のある方へ、気軽に国際交流ができるイベントを企画しています。 

英語圏出身の方やESL teacherもいますので、英語に興味のある方にはお友達を作る良い機会ですよ! 


• 最寄り駅:渋谷駅(副都心線13番出口) 
• 地図: 
• 参加費:予約あり2000円。予約なし2500円。(両方ドリンク1杯を含む)。 
※下記をTweeterまたはFacebookで7/25まで投稿すると500円 割引! 

国際交流、英語、アートが大好きなあなた!7/26(土)19:00〜クリエイティブな人とパーティーを楽しもう!Feat.書道家おさだみゆきさん&着付けの越智さん!30名限定。詳細→ by @ROME_Org #ROMECafe 

• 飲食:カクテル、ビール、ソフトドリンク一杯込み。2杯目以降は1缶・ワイングラス500円、ソフトドリンク200円。軽食はサービス!


おさだ みゆきさんは母親の影響により、幼少の頃より書の世界に入り19歳で師範を取得。 




• 浴衣・甚平など 
• 和風アイテムで 
• 自由 







ROME staff 




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