Sell for Hatsumode "First visit to the Shinto Shrine"

  • 2011.12.27 Tuesday
  • 13:47

Merry Christmas! (sorry one day late)

Our family is not Christianity even we went to Christianity school so we did very normal dinner and work. How was your Christmas?I trust you had great time!

You may know that Japanese value more new year. Many people visit shrines from end of year's night and stay there for while to wait to new year. Since it means you come the shrine for two years, ending year and coming year. 

Visiting Shine at new year is one of most poplar tradition in Japan. I like it as well.
Since, I can still see ladies in Kimono at Hatsumode.

If you want to do 2nenmairi or Hatsumode in Kimono. We love to support you.

Hatsumode Sell

Make reservation and come to our shop in Omiya at 31st of Dec(2011) or 1st of Jan(2012) from 10am to 5pm

Full Kimono set for Ladies will be 15000yen

This is not Nagoya Obi style but Casual Obi style like this

(Casual style )
 like this youtube
It is mainly for Yukata but also you can use for Kimono and more easy to do by yourself! For 15000yen you can get
Kimono awase    Kimono with lining      ¥1,000〜
Haori   a jacket worn on top of ¥1,000〜
Hanhabaobi      Half wide Obi   ¥2,000〜
Jyuban  Kimono underwear        ¥8,000〜
Koshi himo      Thin sashes tied        ¥100〜
Tabi socks for Kimono   ¥600〜
Datejime        tie beneath the Obi     ¥500〜
Zori    shoes for Kimono ¥3,000〜

Becouse of Cold season we give Haori a jacket worn on top of Kimono like this

If you are interested in this sell, please fill out the following questions and sent e-mail at

- Name
-phone number of your staying hotel or cell phone
- body height cm
- body size SS/S/M/L/LL
- shoe size cm
- arrival day and time

Enjoy your Hatumode in Kimono!

Kimono definetly fits Shrines :)

Have nice end of and new year!


Kimono Christmas sells!

  • 2008.12.10 Wednesday
  • 19:43
Are you looking for Japanese style Christmas presents?

We will wrap 10 second hand Kimono individually by Japanese paper. For 10 it's 10000yen!

No time to visit our shop?

We are now ready for e-mail orders!
In this case, let us know which color and size of Kimono you prefer,
we will do best for you to chose them and sent to your home. (Domestic
shipping fee is 500yen. We will let you know the abroad shipping price after checking the scale in the post office).

Get 10 second hand Kimono as Christmas present for your family and
friends. They will enjoy Japanese culture!

-This is special prices. We can't sent to photos of Kimono by e-mail
for this service so when you wish to see the Kimonos, please drop in
our shop.
- We accept all credits and Paypal (net credit payment system)
- E-mail order request you to pay by paypal in advance

Kimono Special Christmas offers!

  • 2007.10.13 Saturday
  • 22:28
Have you ever thought about giving a Kimono as a Christmas present?

Special Christmas offers: Buy three Kimonos and get cheapest one free *.

Are you looking for original and individual Christmas present? Why not choose a traditional Japanese present for your friends and family. All gifts are beautifully wrapped in traditional Japanese paper and can be shipped world-wide.

Sale finishes at end of October.  

If you wish to speak to someone in English when you come to our shop, please e-mail in advance.

* Some exception may apply, please ask in store or contact us for farter details.


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