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  • 2017.07.03 Monday
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Our active intern Sparrow made a sale site!


And her blogs is here



Hope you would get know more about Kimono cultuer!

Tokyo Salon new site

  • 2013.09.03 Tuesday
  • 11:30
Kimono & Tea ceremony

Sakaeya Tokyo/Harajyuku

Why not try on Kimono?

They are not only beautiful but the essence f Japan with over 1000years of history.

Come experience this cultural treasure with our Kimono, including  a relaxing complimentary tea ceremony !

Plan A Experience Kimono at our salon with tea ceremony 5,000yen (1hr)
*2person minimum

<Yukata plan

<Plan B

PlanB and Yukata Escort Meiji-Shrine and tea ceremony 8,000yen (2hrs)

*Yukata plan is not rental but can keep Yukata & Obi. All season provided

Terms and Conditions

  • All inclusive rental with dressing, just bring yourself. We can provide a tea ceremony and help with your photo shoot.
  • You can use our hair accessories but if you would like your hair and make up done , we charge an extra 6000yen refer here 
  • Escorting the Mejji-shrine or near our salon for free of charge and you can keep Kimono until 6pm. (witout Plan A)
  • All time are approximate.
  • Please book in advance,  less than 3 days notice requested.

Looking forward to shring time with you in Kimono!


Kimono Shop Sakaeya | Facebookページも宣伝

2013 Custom made Yukata first customer

  • 2013.06.27 Thursday
  • 23:44
 Ready for Summer?

Yukata season is coming soon!

Have you ever tried custom made Yukata?

Your size Yukata makes you more beautiful and easier to dress by yourself!

Anyway, this year, Swiss ordered one custom made yukata as first.

Made by Chikusen oldest Yukata craft shop since 1842!

This is bit bigger than nomal yukata for women. If you can not find your size yukata , ask me. I have one more this special size yuakta :)

Kimono rental Harajyuku/Tokyo open!

  • 2013.06.18 Tuesday
  • 12:00

Welcome to our Kimono home salon in Harajyuku/Tokyo!

Kahori (me) is the smallest one!

we located minutes walk from Harajiyu station.

Go the Meiji Shinto shrine where is must see place in Tokyo in Kimono. Both  Shinto and Kimono  are deeply rooted in the way of Japanese life. It mach so well. 

My first guest to my new salon.
Left side lady is in B Yukata , Right side lady is in A Kimono

PlaneA:  All inclusive Kimono rental 8,000yen 

PlaneB: Summer special Yukata (cotton summer Kimono) 8,000yen

A&B All inclusive rental with dressing, escorting the meiji-shrine (I have free entrance tickets of garden and museum there) and provide a small tea ceremony. Taking minimum around hours

A:same price for man,women and children and you can come by yourself! I become your friend.
B: You can keep Yukata, Obi shash and Geta (shoes)
  For Children changing price up to age 

No time? Only try on Kimono? Yes, we have a special opening offer.

Special : 1 hour Kimono Experience 5,000yen at our salon 

you can take photo like this. There are many tool for taking photos.

All inclusive Kimono rental with dressing, staying our salon and take photos,
provide a small tea ceremony, minimum passenger count is 2 

Our Home Salon information

Open Every day from 11am to 19pm 

Location 5 miii from Takashita exit at JR Harajyuku station (yamanote line)
 Map is provided after your confirmation. 

How to book

1. visit this site and e-mail these info to me
   No later than 3days prior e-mail requested

2. you would get my friendly e-mail. 
    when you have not receive e-mail from me for 48hours, leave comments on this blog

3. you would receive paypal invoice 
    pay in one week/ If you  cancel 24 hours before your coming, I will return payment. After it,   50% will be charged.

Questions  are welcome!

If you like to rent more than one day, rent very good Kimono (Furisode), making real Kimono or Yukata, just ask me! I am very happy to support your interest!

Thank you and change shop open time

  • 2011.03.30 Wednesday
  • 21:53
Thank you for the heartfelt concern you have expressed. Sakaeya Kimono Shop team and our family are all OK. Now we do best for support to Northeastern Japan.

Blood, item, money donation and Charity sell on the internet for overseas...

As you know we have to save on electricity and planned outage, we sometimes change our business time. I hope you could give us a contact before coming, not you to wait. Sorry for your inconvenience.


Charity sell on the internet is here

Traditional culture like Kimono,  dose not request machine energy. Instead of Machine energy, you  have to use your hands, which  means  your power.

That's way, I made charity sell  " 1". You can study how to wear Kimono on my youtubu and enjoy the moment using your hands and freedom.

You can make your Kimono style as you like which is very freedom, isn't it?  


We will donate part of the profits from our sale by end of 2011 when you purchase at our shop.



Kahori OCHI | バナーを作成
If you are interested in my essay after the catastrophe, please visit my FB.

Sakura is ready in Omiya park!

  • 2009.04.04 Saturday
  • 14:35
Sakura is ready in Omiya park!

You might know our city Omiya is very famous for Sakura or cherry blossom. It’s best season to try our one day Kimono rental. You can walk under cherry blossom blooming in Kimono. I’m sure it’s photogenic!

More over, now Omiya local city provides a tea under the cherry blossom tree at Hikawa shrine where is front of the Omiya park. You can communicate with local Japanese and enjoy the tea!

Kimono one day rental

Inculuding everything 8000yen for each parson
All women and men are welcome!

Over two people? We have discount system pay in advance by paypal.

Come to Omiya from Narita airport?
It’s easy, take a direct bus!

New saviors

* You don’t need to bring anything, just bring yourself. We will provide socks and shoes for Kimono. However, we wish you to wear row cut collar slip. It is going to be under Kimono.
* We will offer you to use our hair accessories and makeup kit for free!
It’s a beautiful experience to make your hair up and decorate it with some Japanese style hair accessories, and to put on special make up. We do not specialize in these parts of the dress-up process, but we will be happy to advice you. Experience our one day Kimono rental! You don’t need to bring anything, just bring yourself and your interest in Japanese traditional attire. We will help you become a Kimono beauty!
* We will provide one Sakura sweet and the Japanese tea.


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