How to make real Yukata.

  • 2012.04.21 Saturday
  • 17:35

Since the request from the craft man, I can not put all photo on this site, please visit our Facebook page, if you want to see more photos.
Kimono Shop Sakaeya | Facebookページも宣伝

Real Yukata is not used prited style, like on paper and normal clothe but Chusen style. 

Some explanation here;
The Chusen coloring method is a technique that pours a dye over the cloth to color the fabric multiple colors. The fabric is folded and a barrier is created around the area to be colored using a paste with the dye being poured inside the barrier. The dye is then sucked from the bottom of the fabric using a vacuum pump. How much the dye penetrates depends on how much dye is used and how the vacuum pump is operated. Another feature of this dye method is that the dye passes through the fabric coloring both sides of the fabric.

If you like to see real Chusen Yukata, our shop offer you real one.

New year holiday

  • 2011.12.30 Friday
  • 14:01
Our shop is going to new year holiday from tomorrow until 5th of Jan,but we will open for you if you make a reservation in advance. Yoi Otoshi wo!

Email Tell 048-641-8137

Kahori in Kyoto Miko style 2011

I made Sakaeya fum page on the facebook!

  • 2010.01.06 Wednesday
  • 22:09
Kimono Shop Sakaeya


Please join in it!

My Face book

  • 2009.10.23 Friday
  • 23:11
Kahori OCHI | バナーを作成

I believe all customers would be my friends! However I accept friends who I have met before on my face book.

Info:events which very suit to Kimono.

  • 2009.09.29 Tuesday
  • 00:15
Hi, you all.

I am Kahori from Sakaeya Kimono shop. I wish you all a good evening.

I would like to inform about several events which very suit to Kimono.
Please join and enjoy your Kimono more than before!

How your hair up by yourself to suit Kimono style.
4th of Oct Saturday from 14:00-15:30

My professional hair artist will give you a demonstration and teach you two styles.

2000yen include a tea and sweets

As frequent Kimono dresser, I know hair style is one of the problems for

Kimono style. Come and join in it and get to lean how to do it by your

Moon viewing and performance of gagaku which is a ancient Japanese court music
3rd of Oct Saturday
At Omiya Hikawa jinja where is 10 minutes on foot from our

Free of charge

Imagine that being in front of Shrine and under the full moon, the
wind bring the melody of gagaku gently

Koto and Shamisen exhibition
14th of Nov Saturday 16:00~
At the Nihonbashi Tokyo
 Tokyo Shokenkaikan
Free of charge
Team botan who are Sakaeya supporters will pay Koto and Shamisen
(Japanese traditional installment)
Team Botan in
 some English


Hope to see you at these events in Kimono!

Just in case, we have a Kimono rental. If you do not have a Kimono but
wish to go to there in Kimono so please use this offer.

Kimono rental

At the 4th of Oct for the moon viewing event, you can rent a Kimono after the performance.

Holidays from4th to 7th of May

  • 2009.04.27 Monday
  • 18:34
Dear all,

We will have holidays from 4th to 7th of May during Golden week. Sorry for inconvinient. However, if we can do something at these days, let us know by e-mail. We are happy to spports you!

Sakaeya Kimono Shop


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