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  • 2011.12.07 Wednesday
  • 22:03
 To be assumed, I have been lazy....

I wanted to show our guests' photos in Kimono since they wear so beautiful.But I didn't keep blogging.  

I will change myself! So today I will show some of them


The left lady made a real Yukata from fabric! She is around 170cm but this Yukata is perfectly fit on her and looks great! Our pronominal sawing lady who sawed this yukata was to happy to see this photo.

Sisters from Singapore, kimono rental

From Hong Kong she come along therefor we talked a lot. It is also nice to come our shop for kimono rental!


  • 2009.11.24 Tuesday
  • 23:08
Voice from Singapore


Kahori, Christine (my kimono-dresser), the make-up artist (couldn't remember her name.. Argh!! My memory's failing again.. argh) and Kantarou (our photograhper) had been so friendly and funny. It was more like a culture exchange with friends.

My make-up artist was really friendly and gentle. It was a little sad that she couldn't really converse in English and I was kinda holding back in conversing in Japanese (my Japanese conversation couldn't cut it..) though.. But still, she's very friendly! And she's really good and fast at creating hairstyles!

Even though Christine is an American, she's a Japanese at heart! I was a teeny bit jealous of her for being able to converse so well in Japanese! Hahaha.. But most importantly, her skills in dressing me in the traditional kimono (complete with the Furisode) were superb. The Obi that she tied was so pretty! And yep, the whole kimono held up well throughout the whole photo-shooting! (Think she was a little worried about the kimono not holding up..) Plus she's really funny!

Kantarou, the photographer, speaks amazing English. And he's fun to work with. Heard from XB that he's currently taking Masters in photo-journalism! Looking forward to seeing more of his works (oh, the photos he took in Nepal were amazing!)

And most importantly, Kahori had been truly wonderful and patient. I had asked her tons of questions via email prior to the Tokyo trip, and she replied to all my queries. It also had been fun chatting with her. Kahori, the Furisode was really breath-takingly beautiful! Thanks! (I'm really really sorry for tripping over the Furisode!!!! ><) And I'm glad to be able to experience the process of traditional tea ceremony!


Thank you so much for your comments and it was great to have you. All our members enjoyed being with such cute lady!


One friend, custamer introduces our shop on her blog

  • 2009.11.17 Tuesday
  • 22:40

You will see my mother!

Voice from our gusts

  • 2009.10.29 Thursday
  • 22:29
It might be good to know the opinion from someone who used our shop. I have wanted to make this site for you!
Please see the voice and feel our shop.


Voice from Anna at London

I came to your shop with my father back in April(2009). You were extremely kind to both me and my father and helped me buy a Yukata and walked us both to the local park and shrine.

Thank you so much for taking us to the park and shrine, we had a lovely day there and hope one day to go back. It was the most beautiful place we saw the cherry blossom on our whole holiday.

And thank you again to you and your mother for all the help you gave me and for being so kind when we visited your shop.


Thank you Anna, It was great to know and meet you. My father past away long time ago so it's lovely to see you with your father. How nice daughter you are!


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