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  • 2009.10.29 Thursday
  • 23:25
Hello every one, I am Kahori from Sakaeya Kimono shop. How are you? I trust that you enjoy autumn. But soon the December is coming! Did you decide Christmas presents or Oseibo (Japanese End of Year Gift Giving ?

I hope this e-mail supports you to get the idea. And Sakaeya is coming to Ikebukuro at Tokyo for event so please drop in it if you have time ( detail is end of this email)

We will wrap 10 second hand Kimono individually by Japanese paper. For 10 it's 10000yen!
We are now ready for e-mail orders!
In this case, let us know which color and size of Kimono you prefer,
we will do best for you to chose them and sent to your home. (Domestic
shipping fee is 500yen. We will let you know the abroad shipping price after checking the scale in the post office).
Get 10 second hand Kimono as Christmas present for your family and
friends. They will enjoy Japanese culture!

-This is special prices. We can't sent to photos of Kimono by e-mail
for this service so when you wish to see the Kimonos, please drop in
our shop.
- We accept all credits and Paypal (net credit payment system)
- E-mail order request you to pay by paypal in advance

Do you know the next year’s Eto? We Japanese use Eto or The Earthly Branches

2010 Eto is Tora tiger and it is good for give a present with Tiger pattern. If you are interested in this idea, let us support. We can offer like these things with the Noshi on your name.

These things will be able to use for Onenga as well. (Onenga : In Japan, it's a custom to give small gifts to your friends people when you meet near new year)

You might know the New year and the end of year is the most important season for us and the time to show how respect others with small presents.

Sakaeya is coming to Ikebukuro with Shamisen team at 3rd of Nov.
I am going to havea an event which Sakura hotel in Tokyo!
If you think that Omiya is too far for you! Drup in this event. It will be at Ikebukuro.

Enjoy Kimono Sale with Shyamisen Performance!

SakaeyaTuesday, November 3, 2009
(National Holiday/Culture Day)

Kimono Display and Sale
by Sakaeya
2:30 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

Shyamisen Performance
by BOTANKAI (15 min. each)
(1) 3:00 p.m.~ (2) 4:00 p.m.~

Location: Sakura Cafe & Restaurant / Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO
Access: 6 min. walk from Ikebukuro Station

Do you know Kimono and Japanese Musical Instruments called, "Shyamisen"?
There will be "Kimono display and sale with Shyamisen performance" on November 3rd (Tue), 2009 at Sakura Cafe & Restaurant, Ikebukuro.
Sakaeya Kimono Shop will provide good-quality second-hand kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) at a special price (1,000yen~3,000yen) for you! Let's enjoy Japanese traditional culture on the National Holiday, "Culture Day"!

Sakaeya Kimono shop's website:

Musician's website (in Japanese):

Thank you for giving us the chance to have an event in Tokyo! Sakura hotel :)

If you have any questions please feel free to email at

Have fun and hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

Kahori Ochi

PS I have started a new CATEGORIE "voice" on my blog Can I use your voice?

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