I aggree with it!

  • 2008.11.18 Tuesday
  • 23:32
I have found a text and I love them. Let me show you:)

The most powerful method of understanding a culthure is to find its outside in some way. Culture can only be fully and deply understood when it is seen by another culture, though even then there is the potentional for yet another culture to perceive more. Cultural significances and meanings can only be revealed when they are seen in relation to other meanings, held by others in difffrent situetions. Such cultural contacts are like a kind of conversation or dialogue, whihc brings out meanings of which people within a culture may not be aware. When we come into contact with a foreign culture, we can ask new quetions, and these quetions may not be ones which come from the pople of that culture. At the same time, the answers from a foreign culture will often ask questions about our own culture, and these questions, and the answers we give, might not be ones we would have condidered without the contact and dialogue with an outside culture. However, this dialogue between cultures does not necessarily cause thouse cultures to become one unified whole, but insted each culture keeps its own identity, and each gorws and becomes more open though contact.
Dear Kahori:

Nice to talk to you, I have sent a request on renting the kimono.
I saw your blog, you're like me to be the second generation of the business, it seems you're really enjoy your business, which I think is great. Culture is very important but how to make it more interesting is also very important, for the youngsters, I guest they love fashions more than culture, so I guess it is not easy to spread your concept. But in other country, I think many of the people will love to know this kind of culture, the only problem is how to make them know and how to let them reach you, so to work with travel agnecy will be a good way of spreading out, like us, we like to try the kimono just for fun but not to learn about the culture, that is what most of the people are thinking, unless you can make us feel interesting.
In Hong Kong, I guess 80% of the people who go to Japan for holiday will love to try the kimono, as a tourist, I'm sure they also will love to know the culture too, unfortunately, in our mind, japan is famous for their fashions but not the culture.

That is my little opion, hope you don't mind

Best regards,
Hi David, Thank you for letting me your oppnion. It was nice to know you. We are same the second generation! I love to meet you and exchange how you feel like to work with your paerents.
Reading your coments, I thought I had to promote our shop to Hong Kong more. I'm open to any suggetion. So let me know your idea of it!
See you soon!
  • Kahori
  • 2008/11/23 9:07 PM
Dear Kaori-san:

I loved the text you quoted and I agree with it, too. Would you kindly let me (or us) know, if possible, the reference you quoted from. I am curious what kind of cultural background the writer has to have that insight. I would like to read it more in depth to know more.

Thank you.

  • Junko
  • 2008/12/04 5:07 PM
Hello Junko san
Thank you for your coments. I had found it when I was studying for my exam. It was Waseda University's exminetino text and I could not find the name of title of it. Zannen. I also wish to know it.
  • Kahori
  • 2008/12/04 6:34 PM

Oh! Waseda's examination! I also took Waseda's several years ago for Psychology Dept. Anyway, it is so zannen. I searched through websites, but couldn't find it. I am very interested in cultural understanding issue as you are...Thank you anyway. I will come back to your blogs again:)


  • Junko
  • 2008/12/05 9:57 AM
Junko san,
Arigato. If you have a bolog, let me know. I love to visit it! Kahori
  • Kahori
  • 2008/12/05 11:55 AM



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