corruption within the Kimono industry...

  • 2007.03.28 Wednesday
  • 22:19
There is still a lot of corruption within the Kimono industry, as even Japanese people don't know Kimono well even though Kimono is our national costume.

For example, some Kimono stores price kimono well above the market price. Even when the Kimono is printed by a machine. They lie and say it is hand made and price it more than 100 times higher than it should be.

There were scandals in the Kimono industry last year. Two huge Kimono stores went bankrupt and one of the presidents of the company committed suicide. They did almost same thing, which is called "Date selling method".

The salesperson, who tend to be nice looking and young guys, take the women(costumers) hands and sweetly focus them on buying Kimono. They also let customers make credit card payments that incur huge amounts of interest, so even young women can buy expensive kimonos.

Where has their merit gone? What have honest crafts men who make their Kimono got? It's a pity, in Japan, as craftsmen suffer. I know many Kimono craftsmen can't survive only by making Kimono. They have part time jobs as well as making Kimono.

The answer is that the merit has gone from the store owner! Even those under 30, have a salary of over ten-million.

At our shop, we have been selling Kimono at the correct price and have a great relationship with Kimono craftsmen. I remember when I was an elementary school student, my parents invited the craftsmen to our shop and showed customers how to make Kimono, live. After that, we would have dinner together.

I also clearly remember, how our parents struggled with business. While my father, who passed away 17 years ago, was in hospital he said we should have changed our business, for example opened a bookstore since a bookstore didn't need to have stock in Japan. After my father died, my mother became our shop owner. Sometimes she had nightmares and woke up in the middle of the night and was about to cry and say how our shop is dangerous . ( I supposed the reason was the nonpayment of a draft).

Then finally, our shop had to start to sell second hand kimono 4 years ago . I'm not sure if it is because our shop became more friendly to everyone, but my mother said she has had a struggle with it since she had a pride in selling Kimono. She managed to convince herself by the words, " Even Toyota sells their second hand cars".

I think it might be true that one of the reasons we could not survive to sell only brand new kimono is the number of nasty Kimono shops, like I mentioned above, has increased. It also might be true that those Japanese who have a good view about Kimono has decreased.

I want to make the Kimono industry better and more honest, like make a clear commodity distribution * as a daughter who was born among a fair Kimono shop owners family. I believe it would be a homage for my father, who passed away, and my mother who gives me so much love.

* information,
> > Kimono distribution of goods is a craftman who is making Kimono >> Local association >> local commission agent >> bigger commission agent >> sometimes more and more agent >> kimono shop >>> consumer

I had an experience of being editor and like to write (especially in Japanese!). I believe this my new dream would supports Kimono's future better and make it more accessible to everyone.
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