How Kimono is important for Japanese

  • 2007.10.13 Saturday
  • 22:04
How Kimono is important for Japanese

I have never thought about this question since I believed the answer was too apparent. But I was assumed to say the fact that I could not replay this answer at once when my friend, Karryn, asked me. Thanks to Karryn, she gave me a chance to think it deeply. So now I am going to explain how kimono is important for Japanese from my point, Kimono shop owner, of view.

At the beginning, I would like to focus on the meaning of Kimono when we wrote it in Chinese character. Every Chinese character has meaning so we can infer how ancient people wanted to describe. In Chinese characters, Kimono means "things to wear". Kimono was used to be only the thing which Japanese ware able to wear until we opened our country around 1900. Before opening our country, ordinary Japanese had nothing idea to wear without Kimono.

Secondly, Japanese still wear Kimono when we have annual event and ceremony. For example, most of parents put babies a special Kimono and take them to a Shinto shrine which is our Japan's natural religion, in order to grateful to god for getting babies and pray for baby's health after one month their born. Going to Shrine is holly, even though now Japanese are not so religious, Kimono is appropriate wear for showing babies to god for the first time. Besides, when sons become five years old or daughters become three and seven years old, parents put them on Kimono and take them a shrine again, to celebrate their health and ask god to get his protect for children. We call it Shichi(7) Go(5) San(3), because of the age. Boys had started wear divided skirt called Hakama when his five, which ware for adults. Girls had started to wear adult type of Kimono from seven. Moreover, to celebrate the coming age, 20years old, Japan have a special type of Kimono especially for girls. It is with long sleeves. And of course, even trough nowadays western still is poplar, but there are Japanese style wedding which braid and groom wear Kimonos. 
(my friend's wedding)

It might be true that the most traditional family in Japan is Japanese royal family. So this is the last reason why I think Kimono is important for Japanese. One of their important works is keeping traditional rituals, which have around 1000years history. At some of these rituals, emperors wear Sokutai, which is origin of Hakama, and empress wear Jyunihitoe, which is primary type of Kimono for aristocrat men. In Heian era, around 1000years ago, Jyunihitoe had 12 layers! Another ritual related to Kimono for empress is to raise silk worms at royal palace, since silk was Japan's main and fundamental industry. Why Japan was able to create Kimono, such a gorgeous and beautiful clothing is because Japanese can make silk. Silk is very long flexible thread and can be easily dyed. Thanks to Japan's climate! Our climate is good for making silk !
(empress Michiko gives mulberry blade silk warm)
In my conclusion, Kimono is Japan's fundamental element. It has long history and supported Japan's economy and our daily life. How can we deny Kimono is important for Japanese?

adultfriendfinder 谿コ縺励※縺紜縺ァ√◆縺。
I am sorry to bother you.I am a student at Ohio University. I am writing a paper on the kimono. Would it be possible to ask you a few questions on this subject? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much,
Darla Hamby
ps. Our university has a long relationship with Chubu University which has been very wonderful!
  • Darla Hamby
  • 2009/05/15 2:39 AM
Hello Darla.

I'm sorry for taking time to reply it. But I don't think I can do something for you. To be honest, I am a student of Waseda university as well and I think to make a paper, it is better to read books than to ask some supecific pepole. My idea might give you a nerrow view since I am working for Kimono industry only for 4 years.And I belive it does not work for your wndeful paper. So my suggettion is studying Japnaese lauguege which is a fondemental culuter and it helps you to undestand Kimono more and read many books then ask Japanase who work for Kimono indsutry at least for 20 years since Kimono need a lot of knowlge. I am still a baby ;)

As a student, I know how hard study is! But reading books are more valuable than asking people. Good luck!

  • Kahori
  • 2009/06/03 9:53 PM
My name is Georgia, i was wondering if u could give me a sum up| short answer of why kimonos are important to japan culture!
Thanx soooooooo much!!
This would be amazing!
From Georgia
  • 2011/05/31 4:54 PM
I'm Japanese but live in Australia and just happened to come across with your blog as I search image materials for my presentation st school which is about KIMONO. the name of your blog firstly caught my eyes. It was quite funny to me as a Japanese and I loved it. It was interesting to read about the kimono from the view points such as the connection of silk firming and the ritual the royal family has carried out. I believe as a Japanese person, the kimono is an wonderful tool that we can feel and connected with the history, culture and heritage from our ancestries instantly as we put it on which I think it is amazing!!
Hope my presentation will gives a good idea of our beautiful tradition of wearing the kimono to my class.
  • Izzy
  • 2012/05/15 12:56 PM
Georgia san,

Kimono is our history and visible philosophy. This is my understanding why Kimono is important for Japanese. Sorry for taking time to reply your question.

Izzy san

Arigato for your comments and good luck to your presentation.

Best Kahori
  • Kahori Ochi
  • 2012/05/15 9:12 PM
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