Yukata Party for Creative People w/ Calligrapher Miyuki!

  • 2014.07.22 Tuesday
  • 22:52
  • Have fun with calligraphy and know everything about yukata! Meet two great Japanese artists and share the passion for traditional AND new Japanese culture with Miyuki and Kahori!

    ROME Int'l Cafe: English Conversation and Art at Shibuya! Limited spots, click join now!

    ★ More event info:

    • Closest station: Fukutoshin line’s Shibuya (exit no. 13)

    • Map: http://goo.gl/maps/1CLT

    • Admission fee: w/ reservation 2000 yen; no reservation 2500 yen (both with 1 drink). 
    * Please come with small change, since we cannot provide it for everybody.

    * Post the text below on Tweeter or Facebook by July/25 to get a 500 yen discount!

    [PR] 7/26 Yukata Party for Creative People! Also have fun with calligraphy at #ROMECafe! Only 20 spots, reserve now:http://meetu.ps/2rpbDT @ROME_Org 

    • Drinks and food: beer, cocktails, wine, etc (1 can/glass = 500 yen, non-alcohol bvg 200 yen), and free snacks

    ★ Special Guest

    Have fun with artistic writing! Influenced by her mother, Miyuki Osada entered the artistic writing world when she was a kid, and obtained the title of grand master at the age of 19. She has also been awarded many prizes and done many shows abroad! In 2012 she opened a school entitled “Wabi” that teaches mainly calligraphy which the sole purpose is to play with artistic writing.

    ☆ Special Event

    Want to know how to dress yukata this summer in a good looking way? Kahori runs a Kimono experience shop in Harajyuku, and she will teach you so many amazing things about yukata that you won’t stop asking questions to know more about it! Meet Kahori and her LOVE for Kimono :)

    ☆ Dress code

    Just choose one, the important thing is to have fun together! 
    • Yukata/jimbei or the like 
    • w/ a Japanese item 
    • free style

    ☆ What's special about R.O.M.E. Cafe?

    Would you like to go to a relaxed space to chat with people and artists regardless of nationalities? Then you are at the right place, because that's R.O.M.E. Cafe's mission. We hold international parties with 40-50 people, keeping a friendly atmosphere so that you can talk to most of the participants. Most people come alone and enjoy it, that's definitively not a problem. You can chat with ESL teachers and non-native English speakers from all around the world, speaking English or Japanese, whichever you like. It's also a great event to those who want to make international friends.

    ★ Special Discounts:

    * July Campaign: come wearing yukata and get an extra FREE drink!

    Fill in the card with the stamps and win one free admission to the party! Come to the party and get one stamp. Bring one friend and get another stamp!

    ★ Reservations:

    Click the [Join] button on the top of this page OR send an email to cafe@rome.or.jp (no cancellation fee).

    Admittance capacity: 40 people (only 20 spots for Meetup)- please notify us if you will take any friends with you, and how many.

    → Reserve now before someone takes YOUR place!

    Hope to see you at the party!

    ROME staff

    ps: Here's what people have said about the previous events:

    "I really enjoyed the party! See you guys next time!" 
    Masa Tsukada, on June/2014

    "Had a fantastic time! Thank you for making me feel so welcome!" 
    Naomi VanDoren, on June/2014

    Takashi Kumagai, on Feb/2014

    Limited spots, reserve now.


Yukata dressing lesson 浴衣着付け練習会 +party (only for women)

  • 2014.06.27 Friday
  • 00:04

Summer is coming! We have to dress in Yukata (summer cotton kimono) and go to fireworks, festival and hanging out:) 

Let's try self dressing Yukata. Yukata is first step to learn how to wear Kimono. It is not so difficult.

After the lesson, we have a small party to get know each other with some lecture "What is real authentic Yukata". If you love Kimono, must know "the difference between mass product and handmade yukata".


Kahori Klinkigt Ochi who is a family owner of Sakaeya Kimono shop(kimono-sakaeya.com). Love Kimono and cultural exchange. http://www.facebook.com/kahori.ochi

July 2nd (Wed) 
19:00 Meet up 
19:15 lesson 
20:30 Party 
21:30 END

Lesson+drinks and snacks.

Things to bring

1. Yukata

2. Yukata Obi

3. Koshihimo 2 

4. Kourin-belt 

5. Date-jime

6. Towel 2 

7. Slip dress for under Yukata

1~5 all set 8000yen for sell 
1~5 all set 3500yen for rental

My friend's photo studio http://yamatostudio.com/ 
8min from Kishijo-zi station on foot. 
Map will be provided after your booking and payment.

Dead line etc... 
minimum passenger count 4 people need to book & finalize payment by 30th of June. If we can not achieve 4, event will be canceled.

paypal or bank transfer


cancel one day before 50% refund 

cancel on the day no refund 

Please feel free to e-mail at me if you have any questions!Looking forward to meeting you!








さかえ屋呉服店 二代目 越智 クリンキグト 香保利 








19時 受付


19時15分 着付けレッスン


20時30分 交流会


21時30分 終了




4000円 浴衣着付けレッスン+交流会(飲み物・軽食付き)



1. 浴衣(自分に合ったサイズの物がベスト) 


2. 半幅帯 


3. 腰ひも2本* 


4. コウリンベルト* 


5. 伊達締め* 


6. 薄手のタオル2本










Yamato Studio







最少催行人数 4名


お申込み締切 6月30日(月)お振込みまで










越智 香保利 Kahori Ochi








Walk under cherry blossom in Kimono

  • 2014.03.18 Tuesday
  • 19:26

The cherry blossom /Sakura season is coming!

The cherry blossom season is around the corner. Join in our Kimono walking event! According to flower forecast, at 30th of March you can walk under sakura! This special flower has a short bloom. You don’t want to wait until next year, do you? After walking, why not having time together near café? Get know each other and also I will talk about basic Kimono knowledge in English. All women and men, Japanese and non-Japanese are welcome!

(photos are all from Togo-shrine)

Event Details

-Date: March 30 (Sun)

 -Place: Sakaeya Kimono Shop (5min from Harayuku station) then go to Togo-shrine garden( 3min from our shop) 

-Meeting time: Around noon (depend on reservation time) 

-Price: 7,000yen (Including Kimono rental +dressing; photos; a drink at cafe) 


 -hair up: 3,000yen by professional


- email (info@kimono-sakaeya.com)   A few measurements  height /  hip/  shoe size   all with cm and  wish for option 


When it is rain, the event will be moved to 3rd of April or 6th of April.

Payment must be in advance by paypal or bank transfer within 2days after your booking to secure your seat.

You can cancel your booking by 28th of March for a full refund. After 29th, we can only provide a 50%refund.

When it is rain and you can not come 3rd or 6th of April, your payment will be full refund.

If you have another questions, feel free to send me email (info@kimono-sakaeya.com)


Kahori Sakaeya Kimono Shop (http://kimono-sakaeya.com/)


Kimono sell and Furisode rental party

  • 2014.02.09 Sunday
  • 17:57

<Kimono sale and party>

Sunday 16th of February  from 14:00 to 17:00

 1,000yen including  a drink, a cake and space,  
reservation are requested to prepare cakes by 14th of Feb. 

Location  A rental place at Takadanobaba (5 mini on foot from station)
I wil sent a map after your booking.

<Furisode Kimono rental party> 
Our Kimono cultural exchange group had a great start with the new year 
Hatsumode event (photos) in January. In this month, since it is the 
coldest season, we will focus on having a tea party, a photo shooting 
inside and second hand Kimono sell! This time, Sakaeya Kimono Shop 
will offer Furisode (long sleeved Kimono for coming age day) with best 
price and help your hair up.This is only one chance! If you have never 
tried Furisode, don’t miss it. All women are welcomed! Even you are 
married, please try Furisode or the most beautiful Kimono!

                               Furisode long sleeved Kimono

Sunday 16th of February 2014 

13pm Furisode rental applicants meet up at a rental space "After 
party"  (5min walk from JR takadanobaba station) 

14pm Second hand Kimono sell  and party starts! 

17pm Sale and Party End 

Furisode Rental  Fee 25,000yen : Furisode rental, "hair supporting ( 
no make up support)", dressing support, posing lesson, photo shoot& 
copy dvd, one drink&cake 

* We have everything for your outfit to rent, so just bring yourself. 

* Furisode will be seen at the day, depending on your size, you may 
have limited chose. 

*If you like to bring your partner and dress him in Kimono, it is  for 
additionally 5000yen( Normal Kimono) or 15000yen(Kuromontsuki) 

Please only reserve if you are really coming by 14th of Feb


. Cancellation accepted 
until midnight on 14th. After that, 50% will be refunded. 

Location  A rental place at Takadanobaba (5 mini on foot from station)
I wil sent a map after your booking.

Looking forward to meeting you :) 

 Kahori Kimono Shop Sakaeya owner and organizer  ( kimono-sakaeya.com
 Nana Party place owner & dancer  (http://ameblo.jp/ladynana7/

Kimono Cultural Exchange 7000yen inc Kimono rent/dress/photo&­party

  • 2014.01.12 Sunday
  • 00:07
  • (Thank you Aki for your supporting ) 
    Kimono cultural exchange Hatsumoude (Visiting Shrine)& Party日本語は英語の後にご案内しています 
    Let’s celebrate New year 2014 i

    n Kimono with friends from all over the world and do cultural exchange! My small Kimono rental shop in Harajyuku offers best price for you. This is only one chance! If you love Kimono, don’t miss it. All women and man are welcomed!

    Sunday 26th of January 2014

                                                                             Photo at meijishrine

    13pm meet up at Sakaeya kimono salon (5min walk from harajuyu station) 
    13-14pm Selecting and Dressing up kimono 
    14-16pm Visiting Meiji-shrine (10min on foot) and photo shooting 
    17pm- Moving to “After party” at Takadanobaba (10min by JR) then start the New Year party (one drink included for Kanpai) 
    18pm Kimono Dance show 
    our staff move your clothe and can change Kimono to your cloth there.

    Sakaeya Kimono Salon Tokyo ( kimono-sakaeya.com
    After party (A brand new Rental Studio runs by dancer Nana http://ameblo.jp/ladynana7/)

    Fee 8,000yen : Kimono rental, dressing support, photo shoot& copy dvd, one drink with snacks and the Kimono dance show! (note: our shop regular price is 8000yen without drink and show)

    “Special discounted fee” :7000yen when you resaved by 15th of Jan and pay by 17th of Jan) 

    Total guests: 10 guests 
    Please only reserve if you are really going. Cancellation accepted until midnight on 22nd.

    Booking: email  Name with Mr. or Ms.  & A few measurements  height /  hip/  shoe size   all with cm 

    Looking forward to meeting you in kimono :)  
    Kimono Shop Sakaeya owner Kahori Ochi  
    Photographer Martin Klinkigt 
    Party place owner & dancer Nana 

                                                                                   Kimono dancer Nana  

    第一回 初詣&新年会


    日時 1月26日(日)13時〜18時 
    集合場所 原宿 着物サロンさかえ屋 
    パーティ会場 高田馬場 レンタルスタジオ After party  
    人数 10名まで(男女含め) 
    参加費 7千円(1月15日までのお申込みで17日までにお振込み) 
        8千円 (1月15日以降お申込みで当日払い)



    13~14時 着物選び・着付け 
    14~16時 沖津家の後、明治神宮(徒歩10分)へ初詣&写真撮影会 
    17時〜 高田馬場 After party にて新年会 

    Kimono Shop Sakaeya owner Kahori Ochi (kimono-sakaeya.com) 
    Photographer Martin Klinkigt 
    Party place owner & dancer Nana

many rental in Nov and Dec

  • 2013.12.11 Wednesday
  • 18:58

all so beautiful! I love my job!

Last calling for charity sell

  • 2013.10.27 Sunday
  • 22:57

I have been doing this charity sell for our big earthquake /Higashi nihon daishinsai and past money to several citizen and NGO. 

But I visited Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima where the earthquake hit this summer. I felt that we should buy items from there rather than offer donetion since  these citizen are motiveted work. I went to a sushi restant at Kesennuma. They open shop a refuge prefabricated house. Even it is at prefabricated house, I felt comfotable becouse of thier hospitality. I felt that offering money to them is not polite. I also bought a iron tea pot for the tea ceremony. They are creating new items to make new market. How I can offer just money to them? Giving money looks arrogant, I felt.

This  is the style of sushi restrant. I could not take photo of them becouse of night.
Their site http://asahizushi.jp/?page_id=1307

This tea pot is from Iwate (Nanbu tekki) 70,000yen!  It was expensive for me but to respect work. I bought it!

Regarding to Fukushima, I can not say anything about the nuclear reactor things since I can not get real infometion. But also  I don't trust rumors. What I can do now for Fukushima is Eco friendly not use too much energy  :)
Also Kimono is very Eco since Kimono have long life and very warm in winter. Were more Kimono!



A Beautiful Family from Indonesia

  • 2013.10.17 Thursday
  • 22:08

e weclcomed one family from Indonesia, 6adults, 2grils and 2 girl babies. Look at so corlful and beatiful!

 Kimono Shop Sakaeya offers Baby's Kimono for free of charge if their parents rent Kimono ( under 2 years old baby, boy also welcome!) 

Kahori OCHI | バナーを作成

our shop CEO

  • 2013.10.02 Wednesday
  • 12:27
we are pleased to introduce our new CEO, Ehime from Chiba prefecture.

if you are not fun of cats, let us know. Ehime will excuse and go to business meeting!

french meet real yukata

  • 2013.09.09 Monday
  • 21:31

beautiful! custom made yukata cholesterol!


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