Supported Kimono dressing for Third gender's event

  • 2012.01.15 Sunday
  • 21:59
Today, LGBT (third gender) had an event and Sakaya team supported them.

I love people who followe their feeling. It is busy and many rules in Japan but these LGBT people want to be honest of their feeling. It is beautiful and freedom!

you can find Sakaeya log under the body shop!

Kimono event in England

  • 2011.12.07 Wednesday
  • 21:53
 Since we had long summer holiday, my mother and me visited our bossiness friend in England then challenged Kimono event.

Here are some photos

To be honest, I was too busy to take photos at the event! Please see more at my friend's facebook

I did the tea ceremony and explained Kimono.  We also did  Charity donation for the earthquake.

I had great experiance. Thank you for giving me a such  chance , England!

Would you like to see the Kamishibai in English?

  • 2010.03.03 Wednesday
  • 15:57
5th March 2010!
15~17PM Kimono sell and rental
15・16PM Kamishibai

Kamishibai is Japanese traditional story cards for children to know the moral. In this time, we will perfume it in English so you can lean some Japanese traditional idea in English. Come on and join in us! Admission is free. Time 3PM and 4PM
You can see it on youtube

Rental is 8000yen for one parson and you can rent it from 2:30PM and if you like, we can take you a temple and take photo. Please make a reservation by 4th of March. E-mail at

Location Oak Hotel Asakusa 03-5828-0551
Around 15 mini from here by subway  Ginza line Ginza to Inari-cho

Tea ceremony philosophy

  • 2010.01.22 Friday
  • 00:10
What is the significance of the Japanese tea ceremony (Sado)? By Kahori Ochi

This is a very difficult question. Even now, I am unsure of the answer. My tea ceremony teacher told me "The tea ceremony reflects the Japanese heart”. She also said to me “When the host opens the tea ceremony, she must concentrate on one thing, and that is, how to entertain your guest. However, you yourself think of the “how” aspect. I can teach you the technicalities (almost every hand movement is set, even how to walk!) but you must find the “heart “of the tea ceremony on your own”. Sen Rikyu, the 16th-century tea master who perfected “The Way of Tea”, when asked to explain what this “way” entails, replied that it was a matter of observing seven rules:
#1 Make a satisfying bowl of tea

#2 Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently
#3 Provide a sense of warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer
#4 Arrange the flowers as though they were in the field
#5 Be ready ahead of time.
#6 Be prepared in case it should rain
#7 Act with utmost consideration toward your guests.

The questioner was vexed by Rikyu's reply, saying that those were simple matters that anyone could handle. To this, Rikyu responded that he would become a disciple of the person who could carry them out to perfection!
The point of this story is that “the Way of Tea” is basically concerned with activities that are a part of everyday life, yet to master these requires great sophistication. In this sense, “the Way of Tea” is well described as the Art of Living. As seen within Rikyu's seven rules, the Way of Tea concerns the creation of the proper setting for that moment of enjoyment of a perfect bowl of tea. (from Ura Senke HP)
Additionally, this custom has been strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism. My favorite and most famous quote says “Remember the thought that when you meet that guest for the tea ceremony, it might be the only time you see this guest in your life”.
This emphasizes the fact that the encounter between the host and the guest in the tea ceremony is a special occasion. It occurs only once in a lifetime. Every encounter, even with a person we know for a long time is unique. I think we can say same thing in our life as well. Therefore, in my opinion, the tea ceremony captures the spirit of Japanese philosophy.
By Kahori Ochi, Japan 2005

Would you like to wear Kimono for Hatsumode in Tokyo?

  • 2009.12.29 Tuesday
  • 16:36
Would you like to wear Kimono for Hatsumode in Tokyo?

At Hatsumode the Japanese traditionally visit a shrine when the new year starts in January.

We would like to offer you our tw
o plane!

Plane 1.

Come to our special sell at 31 of December in Tokyo!

Our shop will visit Iidabashi for end of year sell, so please drop in!

The venue: the Tokyo International hostel which is above of the JR Iidabashi
station and very close to Tokyo dai jingo
The time : from 3pm at 31st of December to midnight

Plane 2:

One day Kimono rental 8000yen including everything , now we are ready to rent Kimono in Tokyo.

Please reserve over two people.

Rental place, next to Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so where is close to Mejiro.

Please sent this reservation sheet at

============Reservation Sheet============

We want the kimono that will suit you best. For this, please also include the following information about yourself. Please list the information for each person.
- name
- gender female or male
- body height  cm
- body size SS/S/M/L/LL
- shoe size cm
- day and arrival time
Only for women
- Kimono color (please choose 3): black, dark blue, light blue, dark green , light green, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, white
- Kimono style: Let us know if you prefer Some or Ori style pattern. You can see the different kimono styles

Hair Accessory Workshop and Shamisen Live Performance

  • 2009.12.14 Monday
  • 21:51
Sunday, 20th December 2009

Enjoy the seasonal holidays in oriental style by creating your unique Kimono-fabric hair accessories with Jabisen (okinawan shamisen)Live Performance !
2:00 pm: Hair Accessory Workshop (Max 5 peo)
after that Shamisen Live Performance starts

Venue: Sakura Cafe & Restaurant / Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO
Access: 6 min. walk from Ikebukuro Station

Fee 500yen

Reservation please email at us

If you just want to enjoy Jabisen (Okinawan Shamisen) just drop in and order one coffee at the café!

Looking forward to seeing you!!



Event with Sakura hotel! 3rd of Nov

  • 2009.10.16 Friday
  • 10:23
I am going to havea an event which Sakura hotel in Tokyo!
If you think that Omiya is too far for you! Drup in this event. It will be at Ikebukuro.

Enjoy Kimono Sale with Shyamisen Performance!

SakaeyaTuesday, November 3, 2009
(National Holiday/Culture Day)

Kimono Display and Sale
by Sakaeya
2:30 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

Shyamisen Performance
by BOTANKAI (15 min. each)
(1) 3:00 p.m.~ (2) 4:00 p.m.~

Location: Sakura Cafe & Restaurant / Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO
Access: 6 min. walk from Ikebukuro Station

Do you know Kimono and Japanese Musical Instruments called, "Shyamisen"?
There will be "Kimono display and sale with Shyamisen performance" on November 3rd (Tue), 2009 at Sakura Cafe & Restaurant, Ikebukuro.
Sakaeya Kimono Shop will provide good-quality second-hand kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) at a special price (1,000yen~3,000yen) for you! Let's enjoy Japanese traditional culture on the National Holiday, "Culture Day"!

Sakaeya Kimono shop's website:

Musician's website (in Japanese):

Thank you for giving us the chance to have an event in Tokyo! Sakura hotel :)

Summer vacation

  • 2009.08.12 Wednesday
  • 19:10
summer vacation,

Thank you for visiting our site. I am Kahori!

Our Sakaeya Kimono shop closes from 13th to 20th of August for summer vacation.

Sorry for inconvenient but we really wish we don't miss the chance to meet you.

If you would like to come to our shop during our summer vacation, please sent at an e-mail. We will try to open shop for you!

Looking forward to meeting you and have a good summer time!

want to become a Geisha/Maiko?

  • 2009.03.08 Sunday
  • 20:08

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

One magazine coverd me びっくり
No no it’s silly joke.

This is the real one.
One germany magazine used our shop’s event photo for their cover.

 Photo by DJ
But do you like the idea to become a Maiko and Geiko?

Sakaeya can offer the hair arrangement ( using your own hair), Kimono and Kimono dressing.
The total cost would be around 40,000yen.

I have to say it is better to use your own hair to make this hair style ( Nihongami).
My friends challenged a Nihongami wig. I have to say the wig is only for Japanese face. You lost your natural beauty because of the wig!

If you are interested in pretending a Geisha/ Maiko like me, please let me know!

I love to supports you.


Christmas in Kimono at9th of Dec at Ginza

  • 2008.11.27 Thursday
  • 16:19
I have a Kimono studying class for Japanese at one lovely café in Ginza once a month. Next month we will have a Christmas party there in Kimono. If you like, join in us.

Day 9th of Dec Time 13:00~
Fee 3150- spackling wine, tea and some sweets
Kimono rental and dressing 5000yen
Reservation is necessary please let me know by 5th of Dec


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